Monday, December 9, 2013


III.  A Visit With Santa Claus
            Petey couldn't sleep.  He was trying to think of something, but he couldn't think of what it was.  Something about the Santa Claus they had seen in town.  Suddenly he sat up straight.  "That's it!" he said aloud.
            "Sarah," he whispered as he tiptoed into Sarah's room.  "Sarah!" He leaned over his sister's bed.
            "What, what?" Sarah sat up suddenly and they bumped heads.  "Ow! What do you want?"
            "Ow! I've got it, Sarah, I know where we can get Christmas glasses for Grandpa."
            "Where?  How?" asked Sarah, rubbing her head.
            "From Santa Claus!" Petey said proudly. 
            "From Santa Claus?"
            "Yeah, didn't you see that Santa Claus was wearing glasses?”
            Sarah thought about that.  Maybe Petey was right.  "But Santa Claus is not gonna give up his glasses.  How could he see to fly his sleigh and bring our presents?"
            "But Santa Claus loves to give things away," Petey argued.  "Besides, he's our last hope."
            "Okay, then," Sarah yawned.  "We'll go see him tomorrow.  Goodnight."  She turned over and pulled her blanket over her shoulder.
            On the way home from school, Sarah and Petey stopped at the Salvation Army kettle.  "Santa Claus?" Sarah said.  Santa Claus stopped ringing his bell. 
            "Yes?" Santa asked.
            "We have a problem.  Our grandpa needs glasses," Petey said.
            "Christmas glasses," Sarah added.
            "Your glasses," Petey finished.
            Santa laughed.  "Well, now, why does your grandpa need my glasses?"
            "Can you see Christmas, Santa Claus?" Petey asked.
            Santa laughed again and turned slowly in a circle, looking up and down Main Street.  Sarah and Petey looked where Santa was looking.  They saw big green wreaths and bright red bows.  They saw tiny twinkling lights around doorways.  They saw Christmas trees and angels with golden wings in shop windows.  In front of First Church they saw a small wooden stable with shepherds, wise men and Baby Jesus.
            Santa nodded his head.  "I see Christmas everywhere!"
            "Well, Grandpa Fred can't see Christmas at all," Sarah said sadly.  "We know it's asking a lot, but if you could give him your glasses..."
            "…you wouldn't need to bring us anything at all," Petey said bravely.
            It seemed a long time before Santa spoke again.  "I'll see what I can do," he said.
            Petey and Sarah hurried on home.  They didn't want Grandpa Fred to worry because they were late coming home from school.  They also didn't want him to ask where they had been.
            "What does that mean--I'll see what I can do?" Petey asked.
            "I'm not sure," Sarah replied.  "When Mom says it, it usually means she hopes I'll forget what I asked for."

Coming tomorrow:  Santa Visits Dr. Chang

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