Saturday, December 14, 2013

Frank Sent This

            A few Decembers ago, a story circulated online about three little boys who performed the roles of the three wise men in a church pageant. Adorned in robes and paper crowns, the youngsters approached the makeshift manger to present their gifts to Baby Jesus, probably a blanket-wrapped doll.
The first offered his gift and declared, “Gold.”
The second brought his gift and stated, “Myrrh.”
The third placed his package and explained, “Frank sent this.”
            After enjoying the comical misstatement, I realized the little boy unknowingly taught a valuable lesson:  I can’t send my gift to Jesus with someone else.
The Magi traveled a great distance to worship an infant king and present him with their treasures in person. At a banquet decades later, Mary of Bethany poured fragrant nard on Jesus’ feet, a tender gift that whispered his approaching death.
            Though two millennia have passed, Jesus still welcomes those who come in the spirit of Mary and the Magi, and offer him their hearts.

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  1. Great story. Great application. This will stay with me.