Saturday, December 24, 2016

Who is He?

You may have read this in December 2013. Now you can read it again. 
May you have a blessed Christmas.

Who is He?

Demon bouncer
Tamer of churning seas

Grapeless vintner
Scoundrels’ crony
Charmer of loaves and fish

Medicine man
Grave pillager
Heckler of hypocrites

Betrayed brother
Sentenced outlaw
Tormented innocent

Mort immortal
Insensate corpse
First cent’ry Houdini

That night merely
Fragile newborn
Creator turned creature

Creation’s hope
Mary’s wonder
Seers’ dream swaddled in flesh

from the Nativity Story

Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Unplugged

You may have read this before in December 2013. Now you can read it again.


If they took back all the presents
And boarded up the malls,
If they unstrung all the popcorn
And undecked all the halls,
If they snuffed out every candle
And unplugged every light,
We’d still with awe remember
That holy, silent night.

If Santa weren’t coming
‘Cause Daddy’s out of work,
If Mommy burned the cookies
And undercooked the bird,
If chestnuts never roasted
And all the carolers ceased,
             Still we’d kneel and worship
             The newborn prince of peace.

If all the tinsel vanished
Along with mistletoe,
And TV Christmas specials
Were canceled, as was snow,
If reindeer never landed
On the roof above,
We would still have Christmas
‘Cause they can’t unplug God’s love.

© 1999 Roberta Tucker Brosius, published in The Secret Place, Winter 1999-2000