About Me

The Author

Roberta writes blogs, devotions published in the Secret Place, poetry/songs, Bible curricula, speculative fiction, biblical fiction, and young adult fiction. Her YA novels Surviving Meemaw and Surviving Jamaica will be joined soon by Surviving Graduation.

The Teacher

Roberta now teaches Bible to high school students at Sunbury Christian Academy after fifteen years at Watsontown Christian Academy, using curricula she has written. Her courses include Old Testament Tour I and II; JesusQuest; Apostles:  the Men, the Mission, the Mail; and Cults & World Religions.

The Speaker

Roberta is available to preach in churches and teach at writers' conferences, where she will share her approach in Hands On Devotional or teach how to Write a Psalm. You can find out more about Roberta's speaking here.

Concise Bio

Roberta Tucker Brosius teaches Bible to high school students at Sunbury Christian Academy in Pennsylvania, using curricula she has written. She is a graduate of Northeastern Bible College, an alumna of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a veteran of decades of local church ministry.

Her publishing credits include Surviving Meemaw, Surviving Jamaica, local newspapers, two Barbour anthologies, The Secret Place, and The Door. Visit her blog, “wit, words, & the Word,” at www.robertabrosius.blogspot.com.

Roberta has chaperoned—and survived—four high school mission trips to Jamaica, but she mostly resides in Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna Valley with her husband, three of her four sons, a few stray puppets, and a ukulele.


West Branch Christian Writers

St. Davids Christian Writers Association (Board Member)

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