Monday, December 2, 2013


For the second day of my 2013 Advent challenge, I offer recycled poetry. Recycled RHYMING poetry, distasteful to sophisticated poets. Recycled rhyming poetry with a rhyme problem, an approximate rhyme in the second stanza. In spite of these issues, this poem was one of my first published pieces. I can’t promise I won’t do it again (even this month) because Christmas brings out the rhymer in me. I hope you enjoy


If they took back all the presents
And boarded up the malls,
If they unstrung all the popcorn
And undecked all the halls,
If they snuffed out every candle
And unplugged every light,
We’d still with awe remember
That holy, silent night.

If Santa weren’t coming
‘Cause Daddy’s out of work,
If Mommy burned the cookies
And undercooked the bird,
If chestnuts never roasted
And all the carolers ceased,
Still we’d kneel and worship
The newborn prince of peace.

If all the tinsel vanished
Along with mistletoe,
And TV Christmas specials
Were canceled, as was snow,
If reindeer never landed
On the roof above,
We would still have Christmas
‘Cause they can’t unplug God’s love.

© 1999 Roberta Tucker Brosius, published in The Secret Place, Winter 1999-2000

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