Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Poetry, um, I mean, Low-etry

            Writing Christmas limericks was my husband’s idea. Unless you like them. Then it was my idea. Highlighting the poems in garish colors was my idea. Unless you don’t like it. Then it was my husband’s idea.

Though he’s a respectable elfie
He’s not above posting a selfie.
So Santa Claus dressed
In his holiday best
And posed with the elf on the shelfie.

A jolly old elf known as Santa
Found his flight stalled at Atlanta.
So upset was he
In his jiggly tummy
He chugged a bottle of Mylanta.

Poor old Saint Nick wants to cry.
He doesn’t know why he should try.
“Global warming, I think,
Will make my sleigh sink
Before the reindeer start to fly.”

There was a toymaker called Nick
Who knew that he couldn’t get sick.
Because of the cost
His coverage he lost
Leaving Nick and his elves up a crick.

The sleigh is much lighter this year
Since readers have new high tech gear.
Their Kindles and Nooks
Replace heavy books.
War and Peace is now lighter than air.

            Send me your original Christmas limerick, and if it isn’t any worse than mine, I’ll include it in a future blog post. (Keep it clean, folks.)

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