Saturday, December 7, 2013


And now for something totally different:  Here's chapter one of a story I wrote for children and their parents and grandparents.

I.  Grandpa Fred’s Problem
            Grandpa Fred couldn't see Christmas.  He said so himself.  When Mom and Dad dragged the Christmas boxes down from the attic, Grandpa Fred shook his head sadly.  "I just can't see Christmas," he said.
            Sarah and Petey worried about Grandpa Fred.  What could be wrong with his eyes? 
            "Look, Grandpa!"  called Sarah.  "Mom has the lights on the Christmas tree!"
            "Look, Grandpa !" shouted Petey.  "Dad put the star on the Christmas tree.  It's blinking on and off!"
            Grandpa Fred kept looking at his newspaper.  "I just can't see Christmas," he muttered.
            Petey followed Sarah into her room.  "I'm awfully worried about Grandpa," Sarah said.  She took a baby doll from her cradle and smoothed its blanket.
            "What are we going to do?" Petey asked.  "Christmas is only one week away!"  He picked up Sarah's white teddy bear and tossed it into the air as he thought.
            "Say, maybe his glasses are the wrong prescription," Sarah said.
            Petey pushed up his own glasses.  “Maybe if he had new glasses, Grandpa could see Christmas!”
            Sarah and Petey raced downstairs.  "Grandpa," Sarah said.  "You need to get new glasses!"
            "Yeah," Petey added.  "Your glasses are the wrong prescription."
            Grandpa Fred took his glasses off.  He held them away from his face and squinted at them.  Then he rubbed them against his flannel shirt.  "No, Sarah, Petey, my glasses are just fine.  I got this new pair before...right before your Grandma Susie died."
            "Well, maybe the doctor gave you the wrong glasses," Petey suggested.  "Why can't you see Christmas?"
            "I think I'll go for a walk," Grandpa Fred said suddenly.
            "Oh, can we go with you?" Sarah begged.  "We can look at the Christmas lights!"
            "No!" He pulled on his coat and cap and quickly left.
            "I still say he needs new glasses," Petey insisted.
            "Well, let's get him some!" Sarah said.  "Tomorrow, after school."
 Coming tomorrow:  A Visit With Dr. Chang

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