Wednesday, December 11, 2013


V.  Christmas Morning
            Petey didn't remember falling asleep.  In fact, he remembered that he couldn't fall asleep.  But now Sarah was leaning over him and shaking him and yelling, "Wake up, it's Christmas!"
            Christmas!  Petey jumped out of bed and ran downstairs, with Sarah right behind.  What would they see?   Did they really trade away all their Christmas presents for an old pair of glasses?
            No!  The Christmas tree stood grandly surrounded by shiny wrapped boxes …and two bicycles!  "Wow!"  Petey yelled.
            "Oooh!"  Sarah squealed.
            Mom and Dad stood across the room looking very pleased.  Grandpa Fred sat in his chair, looking sad.
            "Grandpa, we got you something special," Sarah said.
            "It's in your stocking," Petey added.  They each took one of Grandpa Fred's hands and pulled him across the room to the Christmas stockings. 
            "Glasses?"  Grandpa Fred looked confused.  Mom and Dad looked puzzled.
            "These are not ordinary glasses," Petey explained, pushing up his own ordinary glasses.
            "No, these are Christmas glasses," Sarah added.  "We got them for you so you could see Christmas again."
            Grandpa Fred sat back down in his chair and listened as Sarah and Petey told the whole story of how they had gotten Santa Claus' actual glasses, and how Dr. Chang had helped.
            "So, do they work, Grandpa?  Put them on!  Can you see Christmas now?" Sarah asked.
            Grandpa Fred took off his glasses and put on Santa's glasses.  He blinked a few times and then took the glasses off.  He took a handkerchief from his pocket and rubbed the glasses.  He quickly wiped the handkerchief across his eyes and loudly blew his nose.  Then he put Santa's glasses on again.
            "Well?" Petey said.  "Can you see Christmas?"
            Grandpa Fred stood up and looked all around the room.  "I see a grand Christmas tree with a beautiful star.  I see presents everywhere.  I see snowflakes taped to the windows and garland hanging around the doorways.  I see a little stable with wise men and shepherds and a little baby.  And I see the two best grandchildren that a man could ever have!  Yes, I believe I can see Christmas after all!"
            Sarah and Petey flew into Grandpa Fred's arms.
            "Merry Christmas, Sarah.  Merry Christmas, Petey."
            "Merry Christmas, Grandpa!"

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