Monday, August 17, 2015

Top Ten Tuesdays

     Here are Ten Imaginary Book Titles (and their possible genres) gleaned from your Facebook posts.

10. Lunch in Hoboken (cozy mystery)

9. A Dog in Plaid (picture book)

8. Who Remembers Fried Bologna? (memoir)

7. Texts, Tweets, and Skywriting (young adult)

6. Undocumented Shopping (humor)

5. The First Day of Fourth Grade (children)

4. He’s Not on the List (chick lit)

3. Kisses in a Field of Sunflowers (romance)

2. The Full Moons of 2287 (speculative fiction)



1. Library Fundraiser at the Texas Roadhouse (true crime)

* * * * *

     Feel free to steal any of these titles for your next National Novel Writing Month project. Except #1. I think I might have to do extensive research and write that one myself.

     I hope to make Top Ten Tuesdays a regular blog feature.

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