Saturday, August 26, 2017

A Love Song for Coffee

          This poem is dedicated to everyone who loves coffee, and especially to my coffee buddy and former student, Alex Gessner, my FB friend Patti Smith, and Dr. Ernie Zarra, who inspired the last verse. Many thanks to West Branch Christian Writers for valuable critique.


Coffee, you’re my favorite brew.
You love me, and I love you.
Coffee you’re my truest friend.
You stick with me to the end.

From the pot or from K cup,
As I gladly drink you up,
Comfort spreads like gentle rain,
Sending caffeine to my brain.

Decaf is your evil twin,
Created by my friend, fellow writer,
and former student
Lulling me to sleep again.
Herbal tea is even worse,
A soothing, soporific curse.

Prevagen makes claims to help,
But the tablets taste like kelp.
Coffee tastes like rainbows bright,
While it holds my brain cells tight.

So what if my eyeballs itch?
So what if my eyelids twitch?
So what if my heartbeats race?
Give me coffee any place.

Grown faraway but roasted near,
Coffee beans, I hold you dear.
And I love your offspring, too,
Espresso, latte, and cold brew.
Coffee, you’re the best perfume,
Casting scent to every room,
As your beans begin to grind,
Sending love to heart and mind.

 When in Timbuktu or Nome,
Coffee makes me feel at home.
As ubiquitous as air,
Coffee love is everywhere.

When I feel a lot of stress,
Coffee comes to heal and bless,
Filling me with joy and hope
That each morning I will cope.

Coffee, you’re my go-to drink,
Cause you always help me think.
James Martin, S.J.,  looks joyful.
Without you, where would I be?
I love you, and you love me.

I asked Pastor if it’s true
Coffee’s served in Heaven, too.
He replied with joyful brow,
“Heaven’s served in coffee now.”

The poet and the object of her adoration

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