Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Top Ten Tuesdays

Ten Annoying Things Related to Driving

Fog + floaters = frustration
10. Driving on a foggy morning with floaters obscuring my vision even worse than the fog

9. Driving on a foggy morning and the other drivers are too clueless to turn their headlights on

8. Driving a car right after a
person twelve inches taller than I drove the car and he didn’t return the seat and the mirrors to the car owner’s shortness

I miss my Jamaican singers.
7. Driving a car with a non-functioning CD player and I can’t listen to my Jamaican music which I bought in the straw market at Ochos Rios

6. Driving a car which apparently has Sirius XM radio, but it won’t work

5. Driving a car switching between two Christian radio stations. One plays a lot of songs with an too much annoying beat. Or the morning show hosts chat for ten minutes about the Appalachian Trail. The other station plays songs from fifty years ago, and always the same ten songs.

4. Driving the speed limit and being passed by every other vehicle on the road

3. On a rainy night, driving a car whose headlight covers are dull and no longer transparent. Or a snowy night. Or any night.
Where am I supposed to put my coffee cup?

2. Driving a car with not enough cup holders for my current beverage and all the half-finished beverages still in the car

And the #1 annoying thing related to driving is

1. Exiting the highway to visit a restroom or restaurant (or both) and hearing the know-it-all say, “Recalculating.”

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