Thursday, May 7, 2015

A is for...

Today Sue Fairchild’s A to Z blog challenge begins with the letter A. Sue gave me a schedule that stretches into October with instructions to write about anything beginning with that week’s featured letter. (The schedule is included at the bottom of this post.)

I thought about making a list of things that annoy me, but I thought the list itself might annoy you. Then I considered writing about angels. I may do that eventually, but not today. I finally settled on Vocabulary Workshop words that start with A.

 For several years as an “acting English teacher,” I enjoyed using Jerome Shostak’s Vocabulary Workshop series. In fact, I even created St. Jerome’s Vocabulary Coterie and St. Jerome’s Elite Vocabulary Coterie to honor students best described as smartypants.

So I was happy today to revisit the series and amazed to see all the online components available.  I created a quiz for you, my blog readers, using 15 Level G words. I made it super easy with only two options per word. Choose the correct option and determine if you, too, are a smartypants.

1. acquisitive
likes to take a quiz
likes to acquire stuff
2. arrogate
a gate protected by archers
to claim presumptuously
3. accost
the price of an item
to confront boldly
4. animadversion
opposite of anigladversion
5. avid
something you play in your VHS player
6. articulate
opposite of articuearly
clearly spoken
7. asseverate
to declare earnestly
to remove hindquarters
8. atrophy
what you get at the sports banquet
what happens to your muscles when you give up sports
9. acuity
a good looking guy
sharp vision to notice the guy
10. abject
utterly hopeless
what your defense attorney does
11. allay
a narrow road
to lessen or relieve something
12. allege
what the pigeons sit on
to assert without proof
13. arrant
when your teacher won’t stop yelling at you
14. acclamation
a loud shout of approval
a loud shout at a clam bake
15. askance
with suspicion
what your virus protection runs

How did you do? No, I’m not giving you the answers! Go to like I did.

Here’s the Blog Challenge Chart. 
What would you like me to write about? Keeping with the theme of my blog (wit, words, and the Word), it should be witty, wordy, or about the Word. I welcome your suggestions. Thanks.

Here’s a link to Sue Fairchild’s blog:

Here’s a link to Vocabulary Workshop:


  1. Ooh, a word theme. I like words. In fact I have a blog about them, but I am doing Sue's A to Z on a different one. Sue’s words and pictures

  2. Thanks for sharing your botanical knowledge. (a good B word!) I like to look at the flowers other people have planted, but I was thinking someone could make a children's ABC book with flower pictures. Is there a flower for every letter?