Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Time to Pay Up

            In my March 1 blog post, I shared my intention to track my Kindle purchases during Lent and match the amount as a gift to an organization doing God’s work in the world. Now it’s time to pay up.

            I added many items to my Kindle Paperwhite from the first week in March through Resurrection Sunday. As you will see from the list below, I have eclectic tastes. The list is in chronological order of purchase.

§  Songs for the Lord: A Book of Twenty-Four Original Hymns and Faith Songs in a Mix of Traditional and Contemporary Styles, by Linda Bonney Olin

§  Double Vision: A Quantum Suspense Novel, by Randy Ingermanson

§  Waterfall: A Novel (River of Time Series), by Lisa T. Bergren

§  An Open Heart: A Novel, by Dr. Harry Kraus

§  The Heart Remembers, by Michele Huey

§  You Know You Are A Teacher, by Richard McChesney

§  Colony Zero - Volume 2 - Harmless As Serpents, by Travis Perry

§  Colony Zero - Volume 3 - In The Midst of Sorrow, by Mark Venturini

§  The Name of The Hawk - Volume 2 - The Land Beyond The Stars, by Murray Pura

§  The Name of The Hawk - Volume 3 – Flame, by Murray Pura
§  Back on Murder (A Roland March Mystery Book #1), by Mark J. Bertrand

§  The Marvelous Land of Oz [Illustrated], by L. Frank Baum

§  Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin, by Timothy Snyder

§  THE WOMAN WHO FELL TO EARTH (Slovak History, Folklore and Culture Series), by Joseph Roy Sheppherd

§  Country Notes SLOVAKIA, by the State Department and CIA

§  Report on Human Rights Practices Country of Slovakia, by the State Department

§  The Novel & The Novelist: An Insider's Guide to the Craft, by Tom Morrisey

            My most expensive purchase was Bloodlands at $9.50. Several items were $.99 or free. My total Kindle indulgence for the Lenten period was just under $31.00. I have decided to send my matching gift to 2 Seconds or Less, an organization who explained their ministry to us in chapel at Watsontown Christian Academy. You can learn more about their vision of “sustainability rather than dependency” in Africa at their website,

            If you’re curious about the rationale behind the purchase of any of these books, ask. I’ll be glad to try to explain how my mind works. 

            If you’re the NSA, I’m only interested in Slovakia because of my exchange student.


  1. Love your eclectic list and your great idea to match book spending with a contribution. Very cool.

  2. Thanks, Patty. I knew I couldn't actually give anything up.