Saturday, January 14, 2012

Are you smarter than a WCA student?

             I got so busy tweaking my midterm exams that I neglected my blog. So I decided to share some actual exam questions with you. And if some actual students see the questions, it's no big deal. There are hundreds more where these came from.

From my Old Testament Tour 2 exam:

_____ 1.  A Hebrew word that means “kinsman-redeemer” or “close relative” is
A) hesed
B) ga’al
C) shophetim
D) torah

_____ 2.  In Ruth 2:12, God is pictured as:
A) a burning bush
B) an angry judge
C) a mother bird
D) a shepherd

_____ 3. A Hebrew word that is translated “judges” is
A) hesed.
B) melech.
C) shophetim.
D) torah.

_____ 4. Fat King Eglon of Moab was killed by
A) Samson.
B) Shamgar the Philly Killer.
C) Ehud “Lefty” Ben Gera.
D) Deborah.

_____ 5. Gideon defeated
A) Ammonites.
B) Mennonites.
C) Midianites.
D) Termites.

From my English exam, a question on The Giver by Lois Lowry.

_____ 1. In the Community, this is how a couple gets children:
         A. Birthmothers produce three children in three years.
         B. Children are created in test tubes.
         C. After three years of marriage, a couple may apply to receive children.
         D. Your biology teacher will explain.

And a question about fiction terminology:

“Though the rest of us had finished eating thirty minutes earlier, Fred revisited the all-you-can-eat-buffet for the ninth time, and returned to our table balancing plates laden with mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, stuffing, pork chops, meatloaf, hot wings, and a diet Pepsi.”
Is this an example of direct exposition or indirect revelation?

From my Old Testament Tour 1 exam:

_____ 1. If Israel obeyed God’s laws, they would
A. live happily ever after.
B. live long and prosper.
C. have a nice day.

_____ 2. According to Dr. Laura, Israel became a free nation when
A. they received the Ten Commandments.
B. they entered the Promised Land.
C. they escaped slavery in Egypt.

From my Cults & World Religions exam:

1. Muhammad spread Islam by
a. giving alms to the poor.
b. conquering or killing his opponents.
c. teaching the Qur’an to seekers.
d. posting teachings on his blog.

2. What do Wiccans believe about salvation?
    a. It is earned by animal and/or human sacrifice to Satan.
   b. It is earned by good works and white magick.
   c. Since there is no sin, there is no need of salvation.

3. Characterize Brigham Young’s attitude toward African Americans.
a. Loving
b. Racist
c. Tolerant

Are you smarter than a WCA student? Send me your answers and I’ll tell you your grade. Exams start Wednesday.

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