Friday, August 12, 2011

Yurt Blurt

I lodged in a yurt
With Gene, my spouse,
Leaving all comfort
Back at our house.

With Keith and Ruth
We yurted, we four.
(To tell you the truth,
They yurted next door.)

No closet to keep
All of my junk,
And I had to sleep
On a thin-mattressed bunk.

The showers were cold;
The showers were hot.
And it must be told:
Clean they were not.

At one in the morn,
With flashlight turned on,
Both scared and forlorn,
I hiked to the john.

Loud critters each night
And campers up gabbing
Worsened my plight
And increased my crabbing. 

I thought at Belleplain
There’d be woodsy scent.
But my lungs felt pain,
By campfire smoke rent.

After three nights of yurting,
Homeward I fled.
I’m no longer hurting
With electricity, AC, Dish TV, internet, in-house plumbing, and a king sized bed.


  1. Love this, love this!! So dry and witty and yet it rhymes!!

  2. Thanks, Mari! It took many hours and the Penguin Rhyming Dictionary to make it happen. I could have written more verses--my friend wanted me to mention the Daddy Long Legs--but I had to end it and get on with my life.